Why Many People Can not Rich?

Why Many People Can not Rich?
Wealth by Robert Kyosaki defined as the flow of money coming into your account. Your money is called rich if you are able to work to make money for anda.you not have to work anymore because we have an income that can pay for your life
People who paid Rp.20 Million / month may not be rich if their spending Rp25 million / month.So rich size is passive income, rather than active income.
Finding money is skill.you can practice to become skilled or expert in finding money the children who since childhood has been trained by their parents skills to make money by trading, so when an adult, she will not have difficulties to find the money through that businees.And why children who are raised from the family business has a greater chance of success in any business because they are skilled at making money by trading.
But why many people can not become rich? Despite working 30 year.Answer:
1.The people do not even think that he could become rich.
2.haven 't aim to get rich
3.Have false beliefs about money (wealth)
4.Happy procrastinate or do not work immediately act.Cause is laziness that has become a habit.
5.Not able to resist short-term satisfies (impulsive). Ufo-Java

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