Windows 7.5 Phone Released Soon

Windows 7.5 Phone Released Soon

Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, express it in a forum of application developers in Japan. Yet he still refused to specify more detail related to the newest operating system, according to quotes.

Meanwhile, according to the Telegraph, a platform 'smartphone' is the latest from Microsoft, among others, will feature a voice service, a more sophisticated navigation systems, visual voice mail, and checking up automatically.

Fitu-advanced features of Microsoft because it will not be available in two rival operating systems that Google and Apple.

Some rumors also say that the Windows Phone 'Mango' would also be equipped with WiFi transmitters are used to share data with other devices.

Yet some analysts still doubt the ability of Microsoft to challenge Apple's dominance in the market and the Android operating system.

Googel recently reported that 100 billion Android enabled devices worldwide. Microsoft itself has been working with Nokia and hopes to bring the benefits of that.We wait only.ufo-java.

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