Business is a Game of Life

Business is a Game of Life
Business is a game people actually adult.Because nature of the business such as games, sure there are winners and lost.Goal us in the game is how to increase the chances victory.Way is by playing smarter in order to have a score higher than men. Size or scores in the game business is very clear, that is income or profit business.Brevity, if a small child playing just for fun, adults play for money (which in the end the money was used to have fun too).
The business world is governed by the laws probabilitas.every any sales effort, a figure the probability of success each .If you sell life insurance products for example, the probability of success may be only 1%. This means that of 100 people that you offered, only one person who will buy products insurance because insurance is a type of goods that are not sought after, not a necessity, so the success rate is also low in the sales process.
If you understand the laws of probability and try to think creatively on how to improve this probability figure, then you will be the winner in the adult game.Always remember business is like playing chess, playing football or anything that could make you excited you can play.If change the perception in your mind or to program your mind on business under the dock, then you will be very enthusiastic entrepreneur sukses. You run any business that you do.Because subconscious mind assumes that you are playing games favorite.You must also remember, every games, have their rules . no play football wearing voly.You ball rule will not be able to win if not mastered the rules that apply in a business that you follow.
So what I meant by the Business is a Game of Life.Ufo-Java

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