About Guide Tips And Tricks How To Play Safe PTC

About Guide Tips And Tricks How To Play Safe PTC
Guidance on the tips and tricks on how to play ptc Safe elegant without cheating, without a hack, no software / program that can automatically ad pengclick known by the name of the autosurf namely:
-Check the first site that is not a scam, of course, already there is evidence of payout from several sources on the internet, if necessary, look at their Alexa trends, how the trend graph.
-Use the Instinct and instuisi you to guess / predict the web that we want to join can be trusted.
How to / tips is the simplest of web design, whether good or not? Remember the motto: "The first impression is so tempting ...."
But of course this is only my theory only, not to be an absolute theory.
Playing safe-with one account only, do not refer brother housemate, let alone your own account referral you sign up so :
1. List of PTC sites
2. Fill your data with valid
3. If you have successfully signed up, and logging.
Click on the View Ad / View Ads / View Advertise
4. Click on the ads that there are
5. Click the plus sign that appears
6. You will be taken to a new Tab
7. Wait loading up that appears to issue a notice that your balance has increased.
-Try as best he could only use an IP only, looking for connections that provide a static IP, meaning that a static IP so that later when fit again apesnya, referral or other people who happened to visit the website ptc chance they will have an IP that we've ever used on the next day, same- same account got banned because it was considered a double.
-Try if you play to the cafe, must mengclear all cookies and do not leave traces or Add to Favorites dibookmark as to avoid double presumption ptc accounts from providers as well.

-Do not use the software autoclick / autosurf, there is no guarantee of success, luck-bad luck we can actually get banned. Perhaps initially dibiarin same site manager, but when fitted cashout, we just kicked out of circulation.
-In order to cashout, usually there are sites that raise the minimum payout limit so that makes us excited when that site went bankrupt, the proceeds from our click toil in vain exhausted along with the collapse of sites they will be like that happen to buxout and thinkbux, to prevent it happen, try reading what their minimum payout, let's say $ 10, then we can deposit to them before probably around $ 8 so that when we click with the results of more than $ 2, which if calculated would make our funds reach the minimum $ 10.
Quickly pull the funds from there!
-If a site showing signs of strange, such as the forum was closed, forcing us to upgrade, the advertisements that offered only limited upgrades and rent referrals as well as the announcement of the site, or our account suddenly lowered the price per click, pull aja hurry, do not spend our energy and bandwidth.
-Promote referrals to the forums or shoutbox, and instant messengers, even through social networks like Twitter and Facebook, is quite effective if you have many friends.
-For those who want to speculate with renting referrals, ptc websites looking for "forcing" its members to mengclick ads within a certain minimum amount every day, this is very nice to keep the referrals remain literate every day do not dare miss to click iklan.Situs like NeoBux and several other sites are already implementing this, may be tried.
-Closing the referral link with HTML code tricks or even if possible, use javascript to manipulate the window status bar. This trick is used because so many people who are not willing to have himself into a downline person, but obviously they will not lose anything. Ptc site already has its own calculations. So please, my downline so yes if you want to spill my gratitude to me for writing this.
-I recommend not to turn off the picture mode from the browser to save bandwidth because even now many web ptc implement captcha for validation we do not use autosurf programs.

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